Buy sell trade those old boat anchor parts.
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IDTypeYYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SSCategoryManufacturerModelTitleDetailsCallsignPriceLast ViewedTimes ViewedPicture
100Wanted2010-03-19 16:45:30Model Specific PartsHallicraftersS-19R (with slide T-R switch)Need Mixer Coil #4 (w/ Trimmer Cap "D")I"m looking for mixer coil #4 (for ...WD4A02010-03-22 19:18:2511 
99Wanted2010-02-19 01:28:44Model Specific PartsR392JUST BOUGHT A R392 RX. I NEED THE POWER ...W9NTO02010-03-23 08:12:5160 
98Wanted2010-02-07 04:13:08Model Specific PartsHeathkitSB620Heathkit SB620 IF CoilsNeed the IF coils for a 3395KHz IF(To su...VK2CU0.012010-03-23 05:09:2568 
97Wanted2010-01-04 19:13:24Other/MiscUcinite7 pin septar sockets needed. Specific make & model HELP PLEASE!Needed (2) two sockets. Septar 7 pin (8...02010-03-23 03:07:01119
96Wanted2009-12-29 12:14:39Model Specific PartsHallicraftersSX-100 SX-96 SX-71Hallicrafter SX-100 (other) knob)There may be other radios that have the ...W0GLT62010-03-23 06:46:5099 
95For Sale2009-12-19 11:22:00Complete Boat AnchorsDRAKE2BDRAKE 2B RECEIVER+2Q MULTIPLIER,SPEAKERNICE CLEAN RECEIVER,ALL WORKING CONTROLS...NONE3502010-03-23 08:03:48125 
94For Sale2009-12-19 11:17:04Complete Boat AnchorsHAMMARLUNDSP600 JX17SP600 JX 17HAS THE RED KNOBS! ALL WORKING,CLEAN RE...NONE4002010-03-22 22:37:48122 
93For Sale2009-12-19 11:15:18Complete Boat AnchorsHAMMARLUNDSP600 JX21SP600JX 21NICE,CLEAN ALL WORKING RECEIVER,HAS DISC...NONE4002010-03-22 16:39:05120 
92Wanted2009-11-12 08:19:10Model Specific PartsEimacNeed BIG dud display Eimacm looking for a dud large size eimac pow...502010-03-22 16:39:07170 
91Info2009-10-14 06:49:27Other/MiscTRANSFORMER REWINDINGPlease email me for a quote. Regards, ...WZ1M02010-03-22 16:39:09211 
90For Sale2009-10-10 11:57:35Complete Boat Anchorsswan1200x ampswan 1200 x amp 10-80swan 1200x amp 10 80-meters 4 8950s ex...NONE2002010-03-22 16:39:09256 
88Wanted2009-07-08 13:19:07Model Specific PartsHallicraftersSX-24Hallicrafters SX-24Need bottom coverKB9VO02010-03-23 07:07:32302 
87Wanted2009-06-22 20:23:34Model Specific PartsHallicraftersSX-96Power Transformer for SX -96 (maybe others)I need a replacement transformer part nu...02010-03-23 01:49:15298 
86Wanted2009-05-28 01:22:08Model Specific PartsViking,Heath or?Small HV transformer say 600-900 voltsI am looking for something such as a xfo...N6JPR02010-03-22 16:39:08342 
84For Sale2009-04-02 08:46:22Generic PartsAC Transformer & RCAFREE Power transformer chokes and capacitorVaroius primary taps around 220, 3800 - ...W2PKY02010-03-23 02:16:18445
83Wanted2009-04-01 22:58:06Model Specific PartsHALLICRAFTERSSX-17ON-OFF/TONE SWITCHNEED TO REPLACEWILLIEBOB02010-03-22 16:39:06407 
79Wanted2009-02-22 12:51:43Model Specific PartsCollins51J4Type Plate CollinsI am searching for the little Type Plate...02010-03-22 16:39:10530 
78Wanted2009-01-31 11:40:02Model Specific PartsB & K2120AB&K Oscilloscope 2120A Schematic wantedB&K Oscilloscope 2120A Schematic wanted ...02010-03-22 23:09:20548 

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